Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Messer!

The Train is at a very cute stage of life. He's exploring and toddling around everywhere. He's talking more and more everyday, although we can't really understand a word that he's saying. We love to watch how much fun he has following his big brother and big sister and trying to keep up!
However, as adorable as this stage is--it is also one of the messiest stages so far. We have to keep all doors, cabinets, and toilet seats closed at all times. One morning in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school, work, etc., I came across his blankie in the toilet--which big sis had forgotten to flush--yuck!
I've come to understand that when all is quiet--when I can't hear his little baby noises, cries, or laughter--better watch out--he's gotten into something. Today's mess was small on a scale of his messes, but it was cute. Apparently, the pantry door was not shut, so he got a box of black trash bags, found a spot at the back of the house, and enjoyed pulling each bag out one by one!